Edward Field

Author: Edward Field

Profile: Edward Field is an American author and poet. He is Jewish. He was born on June 7, 1924 in Brooklyn in New York and grew up in Lynbrook, Long Island, New York. In Lynbrook he played cello in the Field Family Trio which had a radio program weekly on WGBB Freeport. In World War II, Edward flew 25 missions over Germany and served in the 8th Air Force as navigator in heavy bombers. He met Alfred Chester at New York University, in 1946 travelled to Europe and focused seriously on his writing. In 1948 he returned to the United States.

Writing style: It was after an anthology was handed over to Edward Field by the Red Cross worker during World War that he began to write poetry.

Published Texts:


1963 – Icarus

1963 – Stand Up, Friend, With Me

1967 – Variety Photoplays

1973 – Eskimo Songs and Stories

1977 – A Full Heart

1978 – Stars in My Eyes

1984 – The Lost, Dancing

1987 – New And Selected Poems

1992 – Counting Myself Lucky, Selected Poems 1963-1992

1998 – A Frieze for a Temple of Love

1998 – Magic Words

2007 – After The Fall: Poems Old and New

Fiction (with Neil Derrick)

1978 – The Potency Clinic

1982 – Die PotenzKlinik

1982 – Village

1987 – The Office

2000 – The Villagers


2007 – The Man Who Would Marry Susan Sontag, and Other Intimate Literary Portraits of the Bohemian Era

2008 – Kabuli Days: Travels in Old Afghanistan

Anthologies and Editorial

1979 – A Geography of Poets

1992 – A New Geography of Poets

1990 – Editor, Head of a Sad Angel, Stories

1992 – Editor, Looking for Genet, Essays

2003 – Editor, Dancing with a Tiger, Selected Poems


Essays and poetry in Gay & Lesbian Review, The New Yorker, New York Times Book Review, New York Review Books, Parnassus, Partisan Review, Kenyon Review, The Nation, Michigan Quarterly and Evergreen Review


Awards and Acknowledgements:

1963 – The prestigious Lamont Poetry Prize was awarded for his book, Stand Up. Friend, With Me

1963 – Guggenheim Fellowship

1992 – Received the Lambda Award for, Counting Myself Lucky, Selected Poems 1963-1992

1974 – Shelly Memorial Award (the documentary film for which he wrote the narration – Poetry Society of America)

1981 – Prix de Rome Prize (American Academy of Arts & Letters)

Academy Award for, To Be Alive (the documentary film for which he wrote the narration)

1993 – Lambda Literary Award

2005 – Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement from Publishing Triangle

2005 – W.H.Auden Award (Sheep Meadow Foundation)

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