Effects of Pollution

Pollution of different kinds have always followed civilisation. When human beings first started using fire air pollution started. Pollution is releasing the contaminants to the environment which cause unfavourable changes. It has the ability to take the form of chemical substances and even energy, like noise, heat, light or sound. Pollutants are constituents which produce pollution and it can be either foreign substances or energies or naturally happening contaminants. The pollution is classified into point source pollution or non-point source pollution. Pollution has always been an issue in almost all the countries and bit of pollution could be handled by the nature itself.

Human Beings Created Pollution

But with the increased use of different products human beings created major pollution in different ways and it reached a point where nature could not handle it anymore. Every country will have a story of their own regarding the different types of pollution. Industrial revolution gave birth to environmental pollution and this was mainly because of the birth of factories and use of lots of coal and fossil fuels. With the discharge of chemical wastes there was added air pollution and also the discharge of untreated human waste added to the woes. This problem woke the countries up and many of the nations came up with stringent laws to ensure clean air.

World War II made things worse because of radioactive fallout from atomic war and testing followed by non-nuclear event. Air pollution introduced particulates, biological molecules and other detrimental materials into the atmosphere and this caused many diseases, death to human beings and other living beings. It has the power to damage food crops and other natural or artificial environment. The other pollution is water pollution which is the contamination of water bodies like river, lakes, groundwater etc. This is also caused by human beings by directly or indirectly discharging pollutants into water bodies without treating it. It affects plants and all the organisms living in these water bodies. It is a threat to the natural biological communities. It causes major illness to human beings and the water bodies of different are polluted.

Unpolluted Water Bodies

But there are countries which take steps to maintain the water bodies unpolluted. Water is polluted when anthropogenic contaminants get mixed in drinking water. Noise pollution is the other pollution which disturbs and harms the activity and balance of human or animal life. Noise pollution is caused mainly by machines and transportation systems, motor vehicles, aircraft and trains. Very high noise levels can create cardiovascular problems in human beings and also other health problems like high blood pressure, increase in stress and vasoconstriction.

It affects the health and behaviour in human and animals. Visual pollution is more of an aesthetic issue and can disturb visual areas of people by creating negative changes in the environment. Billboards, open storage of garbage, telephone towers, electric wires, buildings, automobiles etc are forms of visual pollution. Overcrowded areas and streets are also examples for visual pollution. Excessive outdoor advertising is also another form of visual pollution and it is a distraction for drivers and corrupts the taste of public.

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