Function of Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Mark: The exclamation mark is used at the end of sentences that express strong feeling or an emphatic declaration. Interjection is a part of speech that is sounds that express some pain, joy, anger and more. An exclamatory mark is used after an interjection. In academic writing an exclamatory mark is rarely used; however it is used in fiction and in sentences that involve direct speech.

Change the following assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences and add the exclamatory mark.

  1. It is a very cold day.
  2. He sings very well.
  3. Peter is a rude boy.
  4. That was very exciting
  5. Helen Keller was an incredibly strong woman.
  6. They look exhausted.
  7. The rain looks beautiful.
  8. He is very generous.
  9. That is a pathetic state of affairs.
  10. It was a glorious evening.
  11. You sing very beautifully.
  12. That was a pleasant surprise.
  13. The weather in the village is pleasant.
  14. He was a fool.
  15. They were very foolish.
  16. You have a sweet smile.
  17. You have grown.
  18. The gorilla has a huge set of teeth.
  19. The water in this bottle is very cold.
  20. That is a long rope.
  21. That was a terrible noise.
  22. We walked through a lovely meadow.
  23. That was a huge spider.
  24. There were many pictures about the cyclone.
  25. The elephant had a long trunk.

Exclamation Mark:

Use the exclamatory mark at the appropriate places and make the necessary changes wherever needed.

  1. You have done a great job Kudos
  2. I feel like shouting out aloud
  3. Thank you so much
  4. Please throw away the trash
  5. Congratulation that is a fabulous painting
  6. She couldn’t believe it
  7. No I can’t I have a lot of work to do
  8. Let’s go to the cinema
  9. I really enjoyed the vacation
  10. Watch out for the ball
  11. I am very scared to go out
  12. I enjoy watching horror movies
  13. Not now I will jog in the evening
  14. Excellent what a wonderful performance
  15. Ouch that hurts
  16. I don’t believe in superstitions
  17. Wow I didn’t think of that
  18. Alas we lost the match
  19. You got that answer right
  20. Oops I spilt the ink
  21. Don’t cry over everything
  22. Well done you stood first in class
  23. Cheerio have a great journey
  24. Yummy this food is very tasty
  25. Hey look that is a shooting star