F.3. Anderson Ferrell

Author: Anderson Ferrell

Profile: Anderson Ferrell is an American novelist and writer and is originally from Wilson County, North Carolina. Anderson Ferrell is based in New York.

Where She Was, his first novel is about a hardworking farm wife who undergoes increasingly religious and strong impulses however she is not able to understand this. It is for the Southern gothic appeal and descriptive passages that this novel is especially well known.

Home for the Day, the second novel of Ferrell is the tale of gay man who after the death of his lover from AIDS returns back from New York City to his small town. He buries the ashes of his lover secretly in the family graveyard and later after a year plans to confess the same to his father who is an extremely homophobic person. At gunpoint, he is chased from the home of his father and takes shelter in the cemetery. The novel revolves around the stories and memories of the gay man.

Have You Heard, the third novel of Anderson was published in the year 2004.

This novel is a mix of tragic sensibility of his previous novels and comedy. The author in a way seems satisfied to allow Southerness and gayness dance away with arms linked.

Writing style: Anderson Ferrell is well known for his remarkable writing and being gifted at not only drawing sympathetic and realistic characters but also at creating the most outlandish events appear to be most feasible.


Published Texts:

1985 – Where She Was

1994 – Home for the Day Knopf

2004 – Have You Heard


Awards and Acknowledgements:

1996 – Winner of the Whiting Award for his novel Home for a Day

1996 – Winner in Fiction

Where She Was (1985) Anderson’s debut novel received the National Endowment for the Arts Grant for Literature


Home for the Day (1994), Anderson’s second novel was selected as one of the best for the year by New York magazine


Home for the Day (1994) was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize