Metaphor: A metaphor is a figure of speech that compares an action or object to something that is not related but this comparison helps to explain the idea better or more powerfully. Therefore when on the face it states one thing it means another. It equates two things for comparison alone.  Never take a metaphor literally. Metaphors are used in literature, both in prose and poetry to add colour to the language.

Practise Exercises

Identify the two things that are being compared

  1. John is a lion.
  2. My mother’s lap is a soft pillow.
  3. Books are her vacation.
  4. A pie is the best medicine for the days when I feel down.
  5. The cat next door is a circus acrobat.
  6. This contestant’s hair is a golden river.
  7. During the storm the ocean was a raging bull.
  8. Looking at the full moon the child exclaimed, “The moon is a white balloon.”
  9. All the world is a stage.
  10. You are my moonlight.

Write what the metaphor means

  1. That man is a beast.
  2. This terrible is music to his ears he says.
  3. They swam in the sea of diamonds.
  4. That belt is a snake curling around her waist.
  5. Your friendship is the picture to my frame.

Fill the blanks with metaphors

  1. The snow is a ________________________
  2. Her tears were a ____________ flowing down her cheeks.
  3. Her home was a _______________________.
  4. Toddlers are ____________________.
  5. It was so kind of you. You are an ______________.
  6. My father’s angry words were _______________ on me.
  7. Your brain is a ___________________.
  8. Teenagers’ stomach is a __________________________.
  9. The game was so exciting my pulse now is a _____________.
  10. He is informed, he is a walking _______________.
  11. Laughter is ____________ to the soul.
  12. His heart is a ____________.
  13. My aunt is lazy. She is a ___________
  14. The garden was a ________________ after the rains.
  15. The stars are ______________________.