Figure of speech Palindrome: A palindrome is a word that reads the same even when it is read backwards. Some phrases and some sequence of words are also palindromes. In sequence of words punctuation and the spaces of words are allowed. For example ‘step on no pets’ read the same when read backwards. “Red rum, sir, is murder’ can also be read the same backwards but the space and punctuation will change. The word palindrome is derived from the Greek words ‘palin’ meaning ‘back’ and ‘dromos’ meaning ‘direction’. It was originally used to refer to the crab’s backward movement.

Practise Exercise

Find the Palindrome with the clues given

  1. A small cloth tied around the neck of babies
  2. Father
  3. Past tense of a word that means moistened
  4. A term to address a woman
  5. This word pertains to cities
  6. A light canoe
  7. To even out
  8. A sense organ
  9. An act or an action
  10. To get with great difficulty. Archaic
  11. A locating device
  12. Before
  13. Gender, plural
  14. A principle
  15. To put a cloth over someone’s mouth
  16. To keep quiet
  17. To send someone to a particular place for help, treatment, advice
  18. A rotating machine part
  19. Twelve in the day
  20. A woman belonging to a religious order
  21. To look slyly
  22. Something that is a complete failure
  23. A light two-wheeled one-horse carriage
  24. It is a language in India
  25. A part of a bird’s wing
  26. A word used to show surprise
  27. To make a short, high sound with a horn or whistle
  28. A musical note
  29. A Muslim scholar
  30. The pineapple

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