Figure of Speech – Simile

Figure of Speech – Simile: A simile is figure of speech compares two different things using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’. What is desired by using a simile is to spark an exciting connection between two things in the reader’s mind. Similes and metaphors can be confused as both compare two different things. While metaphors compare directly, similes are compare with the words, like and as.

Metaphor: She is an angel.

Simile: She looks like an angel.

Practise Exercise

Identify the simile in the following sentences

  1. Seema feels as fresh as a daisy.
  2. The dress is as light as a feather.
  3. They were free as birds during the vacation.
  4. We must sleep like a baby.
  5. That man is blind as a bat, be careful.
  6. The player was quick as a cat in the tennis court.
  7. She was good as gold during the whole show.
  8. He took to the water like a fish.
  9. The wrestler fought like a lion.
  10. The girl ran like wind to the playground.
  11. The enemy was as tough as a tiger.
  12. After cancer her eyes were as dry as dust.
  13. She drank water like a fish.
  14. She cried like a baby.
  15. They were asked to hop like a rabbit.

Write the meaning of the simile

  1. Smart as a fox
  2. Hard like a rock
  3. As strong as an ox
  4. As hungry as a bear
  5. As wise as an owl

Write a sentence with the following similes

  1. As tall as a giraffe
  2. Tough as nails
  3. Hard as rock
  4. As black as coal
  5. As clear as a bell
  6. As dry as a bone
  7. As easy as an apple pie
  8. As dead as the dodo
  9. As gentle as a lamb
  10. As nutty as a fruitcake

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