Title: Footnotes in Gaza

Author: Joe Sacco

Context: Footnotes in Gaza, is Joe Sacco’s journalistic graphic novel during the Suez crisis when 2 bloody incidents occurred. The graphic novel published in 2009 describes the author’s pursuit in finding out what occurred in Rafah and Khan Yunis on November 1956 the most vexed places in the Gaza Strip. He is on an investigation spree of a forgotten crime.


Rafah is a squalid town located at the lowest tip of the Gaza Strip. Unemployed men and young children crowd at the narrow streets, alleys are strewn with trash, raw concrete buildings are seen in Rafah. Rafah’s long borders with Egypt, have been reduced to rubble by bulldozers. In the bitterest of conflicts, Rafah has been a notorious flashpoint as of today.

In the bloody incident Israeli soldiers shot down around 111 Palestinians in a dreadful mistake or cold-blooded massacre as revealed about the intractable war.

The great cartoonist-reporter, makes the effort to discover exactly what had happened. Accordingly he immerses himself in the Khan Younis town and daily life routines of Rafah, and tries uncovering the past and present of Gaza. True essence of the tragedy spanning across 50 long years is revealed as he moves fluidly between one war to the next, with incidents alive with the voices of sheikhs, widows, school children and fugitives.

A contested landscaped has been rendered by the Joe Sacco in meticulous and brilliant detail in this unique visual journalism work. Till date, Footnotes in Gaza is the author’s most enterprising work which transforms an analytical conflict in Gaza into an immediate and intimate experience.

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