Function of Apostrophe

Function of Apostrophe: The Apostrophe has two functions; one is to mark possession and the other is to indicate omission. So when we talk about ‘the tail of the monkey’ we say it as ‘monkey’s tail’. For nouns ending with ‘s’ in their plural form, the apostrophe should not be added. However to show possession of plural nouns that end with ‘s’ the apostrophe is added after the ‘s’. ‘Tails of the monkeys’ can be written as ‘monkeys’ tails. In case of contractions apostrophe is added to indicate the letter omitted. So ‘do not’ contracted becomes ‘don’t’.

Practice Exercises to Mark Possession

  1. ____________ shirt is new. (Tom)
  2. This is _______________ new shop. ( Peter)
  3. ____________ and ________________ bicycle was found in the garden. ( Mike – Susan)
  4. His ______________ parents new car was a big attraction for his friends. ( parents)
  5. My _____________________ room is in the basement. ( grandfather)
  6. ______________ clothes are on the second floor. (Men)
  7. Look at that! It is _______________ car! (Obama)
  8. I think I got these __________________ toys last week. (children)
  9. Look at those ____________________ boxes, they are so big! ( people)
  10. I walked across to meet my new neighbour, Thomas, and I liked ____________ dog. ( Thomas)
  11. Do not forget it is _______________ birthday today; be on time. (John)
  12. The ________________ room is all decorated. (baby)
  13. Do you know Harry? This is ___________________ sister. ( Harry)
  14. The ___________________ new pen was lying on the mat. (teacher)
  15. _________________ new garden was lovely. ( Sharon)
  16. The ___________________ new ground was big. (club)
  17. Are you coming for ________________ ____________________ wedding? (Emily – daughter)
  18. Where is the ________________ section? (ladies)
  19. The food was not to _____________________ taste. (everyone)
  20. Did you read the article in _________________ newspaper regarding water scarcity? (yesterday)
  21. This is ____________________ guitar. (Florence)
  22. Is this _____________________ new school? ( Sheeba)
  23. This is not your book, this your _________________ book. (friend)
  24. Meet me at _______________. (Johnny)
  25. My __________________ car broke down in the middle of the road. (brother)
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Practise Exercises to Indicate Omission

  1. You _____________________ talk loudly here. ( should not)
  2. ____________________________ written the answer. ( They have)
  3. ________________ go the mall. (Let us)
  4. He _________________ play his cards well. (did not)
  5. The boys ______________ find the ball. (could not)
  6. ___________ is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. (Here is)
  7. ___________________ love to be a part of that play. ( I would)
  8. ______________ that girl, sitting in the last bench? (Who is)
  9. _______________ you coming from? (Where are)
  10. ___________________ the head girl. ( I am)
  11. __________________ the fifth person to ask this question. (You are)
  12. Though _______________ the Prime Minister, he really ___________ have any power. (he is –  does not)
  13. The birds have come! _________________ real. (It is)
  14. He said, “______________________ be there on time.” (We will)
  15. I ___________________ promise that. ( cannot)
  16. You __________________ make any noise. (shall not)
  17. It _________________ rain today. ( will not)
  18. __________________ a big swimming pool in my house. (We have)
  19. This place ____________________ safe for you. (is not)
  20. _______________________ love to eat both the ice creams.
  21. I ___________________ see the stage from where I was sitting. ( could not)
  22. __________________ leaving to England. (We are)
  23. _______________ going to tell you a secret. (She is)
  24. The book is very old. _________________ pages have turned yellow. ( It is)
  25. ______________ take the bus tomorrow. ( They will)