Function of Colon

Function of Colon: The colon two dots placed vertically is used between two main clauses.So the clauses on either side of the colon should stand alone.  It is used before an enumeration or explanation. It is also used in ratios and in between numbers which indicate time. You see it in bibliographies and in titles and subtitles of books. It is sometimes used before direct speech or a quotation.

Practise Exercises

Check if colon is used correctly in the following sentences

  1. The potion: contained vegetables, fruits and biscuits.
  2. The basket contained: cakes, wine, bread and cheese.
  3. You have no choice: take it or leave it.
  4. She had only one thing to do: leave while it was going good.
  5. We could see: only one thing the Big Ben.
  6. Simon said only one word: please.
  7. In the bag: were the books, pencils and erasers.
  8. In the pouch were the following: pens, pencils and notes.
  9. Man has not much of a choice: it has to stop abusing earth.
  10. Children needed some energy: they ate the fruits.
  11. Mankind has: one choice, to stop misusing the natural resources.
  12. My favourite items for lunch are: noodles, steak and pasta.
  13. I love to eat: hotdogs, sausages with wine.
  14. This is a strange combination: pepper and sugar.
  15. My teacher often said this: ‘make hay while the sun shines’.
  16. The teacher pointed out to the corner: “Look at that place”.
  17. I have only one thing: to say, ‘get off from my cycle’.
  18. The vessel contained the following: water, milk and sugar.
  19. My favourite authors are: Jeffrey Archer and Charles Dickens.
  20. These are a few of my favourite things: the smell of the earth after the first rain, the chirping of birds early in the morning.
  21. We have to stop: eating sugar, rice and drinking milk.
  22. Human beings have to stop these things: dumping and burning plastics.
  23. Our quality of living is impaired by: polluted air and water scarcity.
  24. The new house was:huge and spacious.
  25. All the apartments in the complex had the following: a garden and a swimming pool.
  26. She loves: mangoes, guavas and bananas.
  27. He offered to pay the fee: they could not afford it.
  28. She set up a beauty parlour: there was none in that area.
  29. They set up a veterinary hospital: they loved animals very much.
  30. The locals supported: they supplied food and water.
  31. Paul had only one thing in his mind: music.
  32. This was mother’s golden rule: ’treat others as you want to be treated’.
  33. I have lived in many states: Alabama, California, Colorado and more
  34. Ahmed was sent for summer classes: swimming, football and painting.
  35. I love to eat: chicken, pizza, chocolate pie.
  36. He was responsible for: the switching off the fans and rubbing the board.
  37. They went to the concert: the parents ate noting there.
  38. Brinda’s favourite are: Italian Cuisine and Chinese cuisine.
  39. I have always wanted to Goa: there are some beautiful beaches there.
  40. Many jobs interest Sheela: writing, photography, and teaching.
  41. There were many famous people: at the party, Einstein, Bernard Shaw and Churchill.
  42. I do not like: washing the dishes, folding clothes and mopping.
  43. Peter was a world class athlete: a swimming champion.
  44. She did not pass: the entrance exam.
  45. She made all kinds of desserts: lemon pie, soufflé, chocolate pudding and ice creams.
  46. Some places are known: for being costly.
  47. I gave a list to Santa Claus : Laptop, blue tooth speaker, home theatre.
  48. There was one thing different about our winter: ice storms.
  49. She held on to one thing dearly: her sense of commitment
  50. I was happy: I had come to the end of the exercise.
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