Function of Comma

Function of Comma: Comma is a punctuation mark used in sentences mainly to separate the parts of the sentences. It is a tool that aids the reader to read better, without misreading the meaning intended. Comma is used to separate a list of three or more things. It used to separate the independent clauses or independent clause from dependent clauses. It is used to separate phrases that are not really essential for the sentence.

Practice Exercises

  1. Mathew wants to visit France Germany Japan and India.
  2. I have to walk the dog arrange the shelf take the trash and then go to college.
  3. The tree is very tall huge old and green.
  4. They can go the zoo or they can go to the museum.
  5. She likes ice creams but he likes cakes.
  6. Let us go to the café now for I am hungry.
  7. I neither like Chemistry nor do I like Physics.
  8. When I drink my milk my mother will play with me.
  9. That is my friend Sharon.
  10. I like to play cricket hockey football and chess.
  11. Well I hope the issue will be solved immediately
  12. If you behave I will take you out
  13. When she gets homeshe will get a drubbing.
  14. Until we reach our goal weshould not stop working.
  15. If I get a new job I will be thank my brother first.
  16. Her favourite colours are green, violet and pink.
  17. Kate wants to eat now but she has to wait for her grandfather.
  18. In ten minutes the rocket will take off.
  19. The mountain train started in 1840 is a colourful one.
  20. “If you don’t stand up now” he whispered “You will be in deep trouble.”
  21. Sorry there is no place here.
  22. To become adoctor it takes a lot of hard work and compassion.
  23. Because he is only nine hecannot take the ride.
  24. Steve Waugh the cricketer runs an orphanage.
  25. She however was not very excited.
  26. When the bell rings at 9.10all are requested to assemble.
  27. My favourite food pasta was available on the menu.
  28. The opposition shouted “The taxes must be lowered!”
  29. “Today will be sunny” the weatherman declared with a frown.
  30. The girl watched her mother and wondered “Could I ever be that pretty?”
  31. Yes she would like to go mountaineering.
  32. .However she was good at Math.
  33. The garage sale for instance can be a fund raiser.
  34. “I am tired” she mumbled.
  35. September 11 2001 is a date the world will never forget.
  36. Unfortunately time and tide waits for none.
  37. I am moving to Churchgate Mumbai.
  38. She is visiting Florence Italy next summer.
  39. The cyclone will hit Tulsa Destin and Oklahoma Florida.
  40. Mike was born on April 15 1965.
  41. When I reach the car park I will call you.
  42. After ten minutes the doctor called me in.
  43. “Okay” spoke the teacher as-a-matter of fact “Time’s up!”
  44. Wait is that my pen?
  45. That will be on the fourth Sunday December 26.
  46. Because of the puncture I had to walk.
  47. When the train comes I will go to the platform.
  48. Until you assure I cannot give this to you.
  49. I need to visit my aunt take her to the market and then meet the teacher.
  50. James is working on a project and it should be completed by next week.