Function of Hyphen

Hyphen is used to join two words and then they function as an adjective. For instance in the sentence, ‘This is a dog-friendly hotel’, dog-friendly qualifies the noun ‘hotel’. Hyphens are added between number as in twenty-three. There are many compound words that are written with the hyphen like ‘mother-in-law, editor-in-chief’. Over the years some hyphenated words have become closed words like teen-ager is now written as teenager. One can create compound words with hyphen to make the written work comprehensible.

Practise Exercises

Which one uses hyphen correctly

  1. Please hold-up the newspaper. or  The hold-up was in the newspaper.
  2. I like off-the-pegs shirts. or Please take the coat off-the-peg.
  3. He was the writer of the eighteenth- century. or I was amazed to see the eighteenth -century architecture.
  4. Laila’s self-esteem was low. or  This shop has self-assembly furniture.
  5. That was a ten-ton truck. Or    The metal weighed ten-tons.

State whether the hyphen is used correctly

  1. Since it was a hot day we bought some ice-creams.
  2. There were twenty- two athletes in the sports meet.
  3. I love the chocolate-covered nuts kept in that store.
  4. The trees in the college-campus were decorated with balloons.
  5. The much-awaited event was just four days away.
  6. I saw a woman-eating pizza sitting in the corner of the room.
  7. The child was standing on the balcony of the two-storey building
  8. It was real let-down that the show was cancelled.
  9. Sharon was really a go-getter.
  10. What a cute-little-bird that was.
  11. The company offered round-the-clock service.
  12. Look up-and-down if you are sleeping sleepy.
  13. The mouth-and-foot painters put an exhibition
  14. Denton will be forty-one next Thursday.
  15. Do you like the lessons in the third-grade books?
  16. Don’t be carried away by the high-pressured performance of the salesman.
  17. John as-far-as- I am aware had seen the film two days back.
  18. The factory-made car was now ready for the road.
  19. Will the plane be parked in the airplane-hangar?
  20. I found the finance-related chapters a little tough.
  21. The teen-agers were eager to meet the film star.
  22. The children brought some brightly-coloured flowers to the school.
  23. North-America set the ball rolling at the beginning of the discussion.
  24. There were many cars in the drive-in restaurant.
  25. I am upset with so-what attitude.
  26. My sister-in-law makes lovely cakes.
  27. I love that good-to-the-last-drop drink offered at the church.
  28. The test is in the 6th chapter of the Math-text.
  29. The new shop has offered better -than-ever price for a week.
  30. Her off-the-cuff answers made everyone laugh.

Insert Hyphen in the right place

  1. Wireless communication has brought in big changes in our day to day life.
  2. A three year old child was singing in the choir.
  3. One third of the population live on rice and fish.
  4. Water saving tap nozzles are the in thing in the market today.
  5. The possibility of fossil fuel powered plants is being studied in great detail.
  6. The decision making committee slept on the matter and that was the reason for the failure.
  7. The crossword puzzle starts with two letter ones.
  8. The top level executives were compelled to go on a paid holiday.
  9. Third generation vehicles stand a better chance to be in the market for a longer time.
  10. The cricket match on the internet was real time match.
  11. The ship carried 320 ton bags in that trip.
  12. The web based stories are being reviewed for authenticity.
  13. The new camera captures high resolution images.
  14. After a 10 year study, the scientists understood that dinosaurs had lived on this earth.
  15. A high speed data cable was used to transfer the data.