Function of Inverted Commas – Quotation Marks

Quotation Marks

Quotation Marks:

Inverted Commas are of two types; one is single and the other is double.  They are also known as Speech Marks, Quotation Marks or Quotes. Inverted commas are generally used at the beginning and end of direct speech. In American English the double quotes is used for direct speech and in British English the single quote is used. When a direct speech is used within a direct speech the single quote is used in American English. Single quotes are used to highlight a word or phrase within a sentence.

Practise Exercise

Insert inverted commas wherever required

  1. Max is trying hard to practice, his father said
  2. Yes, said the driver gently, I know who you are.
  3. I understand, John remarked, that these are the people who are coming with me.
  4. My Spanish professor said that my accent was awful.
  5. She enquired, Is it the right time to go shopping?
  6. The director found the titles for his film from popular songs of yester years.
  7. When did Roosevelt say, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.
  8. Can you imagine, Marx told me, we have the whole house at our disposal.
  9. The Secret is the best book I have read this year.
  10. Of course, said Jack, I will bring about the much needed change in the company.
  11. Did you see the new car in the market? asked my brother.
  12. When I saw the new car, I exclaimed, my dream car!
  13. I am just back from seeing the most lovely movie The Sound of Music.
  14. Did Sarah really say, I will dance today.
  15. Martin actually said, I am going to fight the elections.
  16. Merlyn emphasised that it was her responsibility.
  17. The composer asked, will the violinist come today?
  18. I am going to the office, he said, I cannot give any excuse.
  19. You are out of your wits shouted Jimmy, shutting the road after him.
  20. The teacher asked the students, When did the war end?
  21. The engineer promised that the house will be completed in three months.
  22. One of the famous poems of T.S. Eliot is The Wasteland.
  23. Tom promised, we’ll be home at 12 o
  24. I am sure Morgan said that the motor is working now.
  25. Has anyone thought who will fund this mini project?
  26. Mary responded, Our project is over, the assessment was done and we believe we have met the goals.
  27. What a gorgeous gown, she exclaimed.
  28. Did you ask Rita what has been ordered for dinner?
  29. Meg enquired where they wanted to go their vacation.
  30. Get up and go, Charlie said, see who is at the door.
  31. The witness told the Principal I know who had done i
  32. He argued, No one really cared for the institution.
  33. Is it true, I asked my mother, if the water had risen a lot?
  34. It was a wonderful trek, said Tim.
  35. Her opinion was not right.
  36. Bren said, We will meet you in the ground.
  37. You too Brutus?, exclaimed Caesar.
  38. Do not loiter around, come directly home, warned my mother.
  39. This phenomenon is called Green Effect.
  40. Billy Jean is one Michael Jackson’s popular song.
  41. How many lambs did Mary have, asked the teacher.
  42. Titanic was an epic movie.
  43. The thief exclaimed, I did no wrong.
  44. Who goes there, the queen asked.
  45. Oliver Twist is a masterpiece from Charles Dickens.
  46. I don’t like the way you speak.
  47. We are throwing a surprise for her.
  48. I want it right now, she demanded.
  49. She said that it was not her business.
  50. As the leader so the people.