Function of Semicolon: The function of the semicolon is to separate two major sentence elements which are known as main clauses. There is a pause like the comma but the break is stronger than a comma. It is almost the end of an idea but when it is followed by almost a similar idea a semicolon can be used.

  1. Practice Exercises
  2. The shops in the mall were closed on Sunday now they are open on Sundays.
  3. The police diverted the traffic to accommodate the cyclists the smaller roads were opened up.
  4. There was heavy fog near the airport many flights were delayed.
  5. George was happy on his birthday hisjoy knew no bounds when his father turned up on his birthday.
  6. Drivers must be on high alert all the time it is difficult to predict what people behind the wheel can do.
  7. If you like Indian music you will enjoy M.S.Subbalakshmi she was a doyen in Carnatic music.
  8. Every year the number of tourists to Bali is increasing the beaches there are irresistible.
  9. Demonetisation has created controversy some people think it was a move that it did not serve the purpose.
  10. Laila and Mary share a common problem both cannot tolerate loud sounds.
  11. The inland highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles is the quickest the most scenic highway.
  12. Sachin is an excellent cricketer he enjoys playing football as well.
  13. It was a win for the Allied forces right thinking leaders, however, did not want a repeat of the carnage.
  14. This was a period when the new America was finding freedom in marital life the couples no longer felt bound by the marriage oath.
  15. None of them are wholly good or bad some are shades of grey.
  16. His character in the play is a contrast to all the other plays he stands for the fading old order.
  17. Class conflict is one of the main themes of the novel Jimmy is condemning the British for discriminating the working class.
  18. It was bolt from the blue she was not expecting that at all.
  19. Kate wanted to help for two reasons one was to make friends with the girls and the other was to prove that she could do it.
  20. Nina did not want to go through the hassles of marriage she preferred to adopt a child.
  21. It was not planned to be that way she had got it all wrong.
  22. They were right Nick was the black sheep of the family.
  23. The book looks into man’s mortality despite knowing it man lives like he is never going to die.
  24. It was a home all could take refuge in it.
  25. Virginia Woolf wrote many stories she became popular, however, mostly for her poems.
  26. The trees were a part of her lifeit could be when the sun shined or when it rained or when it was windy.
  27. Lance had a short life he died at the age of twenty nine.
  28. There are only two female characters in Hamlet one is Ophelia and the other is Gertrude.
  29. All in the family are shocked Steve had agreed to go back to school.
  30. He accepted his mother’s desire to buy a house he went in search of a house that could accommodate the extended family.
  31. She felt that all was lost her gods had given up on her.
  32. The poem opens with satire the satire tone slowly shifts to that of a threat.
  33. The poem endsdeclaring that the sea that eats the land can eat anything there is nothing that is beyond the limits of the sea.
  34. It wasa huge congregation of people man, woman, child from every street were there.
  35. The water dripping into the mug was considered as the voice of the god water was personified.
  36. The theme of the poem is everyday observation of nature even the simple mooing of the cow is captured in a descriptive way.
  37. Nina believed she could raise a baby independently she went ahead with the adoption.
  38. For his times, Euripides was a revolutionary he had different ideas which he made public with his writings.
  39. Michaelwon the award twice one was for his dance and the other was for his song.
  40. She set out to Rome with the prize money this time it was a religious and spiritual journey.
  41. In the third stanza there was a changeit was to be sung on a higher octave.
  42. The women there did not question the men the treated the women like slaves.
  43. The invaders were all men they however, did not harm the women and children.
  44. This poem was written in a new style it had layered meanings in every verse.
  45. The story was a prediction of his own life the only difference was the protagonist was very bad while the writer was not so.
  46. Jealousy, empathy, anger can be termed as mental illness an illness which is more harmful than physical illness.
  47. That civilization was emotionally gullible they were emotionally charged people.
  48. All great leaders had great oratorical skills silent actions did not take them to fame.
  49. Bill was targeted his life was under threat.
  50. Sometimes popularity is followed with hate campaigns one has to live with it.
  51. The tone of the poem was negative negative about the city and the government.