Function of the Full Stop

Function of the Full Stop: Sentences are building blocks which make sense and when they come to an end, a ‘full stop’ is used.  Full stop is also known as ‘full point’ in Commonwealth English speaking nations and ‘period’ in North America. It is also used in abbreviations and in websites and email addresses.

Practice Exercises

  1. A teacher’s job is easier than a doctor
  2. It looks as if the sun goes around the earth the earth really goes round the sun
  3. He neither cried nor laughed
  4. Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess
  5. My aunt took me to London
  6. It is a great idea Let us hope that it will work
  7. Sheeba likes cycling it gives her some fresh air
  8. We are going to Japan for a holiday last year we had been to China
  9. School starts on Thursday I will go on Friday
  10. I am driving to the town it is south of here

Practice Paragraphs

    1. In recent years Earth’s climate has been getting warmer the ice near the Poles has been melting the disappearing ice is even changing the behaviour of the polar bear more than half of pregnant polar bears gave birth in dens on floating solid blocks of ice today, they are searching and digging their dens on or near land.
    2. No animal can replicate human speech as it is a complicated process one reason is that we use many organs to produce the sounds when we utter the words the way human beings vibrate the vocal chords is very different from that of the animals so too the movement of teeth, lips, lower jaw, palate and tongue is very different they cannot create a whole series of words to make a sentence.
    3. To create a Jewish homeland was started a national movement called Zionism The main goal of Zionism was to bring back the Jewish sovereignty this was planned by bringing back the exiled Jews who were persecuted and discriminated in many countries Hitler’s policy to eliminate the Jews was another driving factor for the establishment of Zionism a wing of Zionim was known as the cultural Zionism was created to promote the Hebrew Resistance this wing was organised by the paramilitary wing of Zionism with the support from all sections of the Jewish society
    4. A true incident that happened in Canada became the plot for the novel Alias Grace written by Margaret Atwood in 1843 Thomas Kinnear along with his house keeper Nancy Montgomery were found murdered it was found out that they were killed by the servants of their house, James Mc Dermott and Grace Marks this story had created a big buzz then Margaret Atwood has Grace as the protagonist and has added some more characters, the most important being Simon Jordan, a young psychologist.
    5. Beowulf is a poem of the old English literature whose authorship is unknown the manuscript that is available now is kept in the British Library it is called Nowell Codex since there was no title for the poem the protagonist’s name was given to the poem at first it was kept in the Ashburnham House which was the house of Sir Robert Bruce a fire damaged the manuscript in 1731 what was salvaged was restored for posterity.
    6. Voluntary euthanasia has been legalized by some governments but many countries consider it homicide Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands are some of the countries that have legalised euthanasia however in Belgium and Netherlands the doctor has to give some legal approvals passive euthanasia is accepted all over the US ‘assisted suicide’ is the name given to voluntary death and it is legal in Vermont, Oregon, California, Montana and Washington.

USSR was reckoned as a super power under the governance of Joseph Stalin the changes that he brought about made the whole world sit up and take notice of USSR changes in the USSR was brought about with an iron hand yet it was not to last long and the policies were termed as social realism the good of the society was at the cost of the freedom of the people another person ruling with an iron hand was the dictator of Germany, Hitler both USSR and Germany entered into a pact of non-aggression in 1941.