Ganesh Ghosh (June 22, 1900 – October 16, 1994) was an Indian independence activist from Bengal. This Bengali politician and revolutionary was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh. After completing education at the Bengal Technical Institute in Calcutta, he became a Chittagong Jugantar party member and along with Surya Sen and other revolutionaries participated in the Chittagong armoury raid on April 18, 1930. There on he took shelter in Chandannagar, Hoogly, after fleeing from Chittagong. Charles Tegart arrested him and after the trial was deported to Port Blair’s Cellular Jail in 1932. He joined the Communist Party of India to join communist politics in 1946 after his release.

Ganesh Ghosh became the party’s leader after the independence. The 1964 after the party split he was sided with the Marxist Communist Party of India.  In 1952, 1957 and 1962 he was elected to the as a candidate for the Communist Party of India, from Belgachia. He was also elected 1967 as a Communist Party of India (Marxist) candidate, from Calcutta South Lok Sabha constituency. Again, he was selected as candidate from Calcutta South Lok Sabha constituted in the 1971 Lok Sabha.  Ganesh Ghosh is celebrated as a great freedom fighter and Indian revolutionary for this noteworthy contribution to the freedom struggle in India. He died on October 16, 1994 at the age of 94 in Calcutta, West Bengal.