Garden by Yuichi Yokoyama

Title: Garden

Author: Yuichi Yokoyama

Context: Garden by Yuichi Yokoyama is a graphic novel about a group of friends trying to enter into a garden located just beyond a wall. They are successful in the attempt but finally when they enter the find that there is no Eden. All that there is, are geometric forms, a huge landscape of machines and various kinds of nonorganic objects.

Synopsis: The group of Yokoyama-oids work their way into the metamorphosed garden which instead of being more nature based is more technology. The author forces the reader to confront their preconceived notions about the natural world, in this novel.

Characters in the author’s longest and newest, graphic magic work, become entrapped in superb photographic equipment, a wonderful place of distorted mirrors, complex pathways and huge libraries. Besides using past works, to the signature vivid visual style in the graphic novel, the author has added a good amount of dialogue, thus adding perfect characters and enabling them equal billing with his incredible architectural creations, in the process resulting a reflection on the numerous ways in which humans interact with the mechanical and complex world they have created. Yuichi Yokoyama has been more original and down to earth as compared to any other cartoonist for sure, as indicated in reviews in the New York Times Book Review.

The 300 page graphic novel was published by PictureBox in 2011 by Yokoyama. The new work taken up by the author not only gets into this creative writers mind but influences him in various subtle ways. Oddly dressed characters in the novel move in a range of fantastic environments, developed by a conscientious and intelligent artist like Yokoyama in relation to this major work in his career.

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