Gloria Escomel

Author: Gloria Escomel

Profile: Gloria Escomel is a Canadian author, radio scriptwriter, novelist, writer and journalist. She is an out lesbian and of Canadian nationality. She is born on October 15, 1941 in Montevideo, Uruguay and is presently 78 years old.  Her birth sign is Libra. In 1960 she moved to France from Uruguay to study and pursue literature at the Universite de Paris during the period 1896 to 1968. Later on she pursued her doctorate at the Universite de Montreal after moving to Canada. From 1978 to 1988 she was a lecturer at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal and also worked as a journalist and wrote for a number of publications like La Nouvelle barre du jour, Chatelaine, La Liberte, L’Actualite, Le Devoir, La Gazette des femmes and Perspectives.

Writing style: Gloria Escomel recounts the moments of life with enigmatic and split characters and in a very gentle style,

Published Texts:


1980 – La table d’ecoute ou le temps-spirale (play)

1980 – Tu en parleras ….. et après ? (play)

1981 – J’enfante ma memoire (play)

1981 – Des batrons dans les roués (play)

1983 – La surdoublee (play)

1988 – Fruit de la passion (novel)

1992 – Pieges (novel)

1994 – Les eaux de la memoire (short stories) Gloria Escomel

Awards and Acknowledgements:

1988 – Recipient of the Judith Jasmin Award 1989 for ‘Quelle vieillesse vous preparez-vous: un age d’or ou d’argent?’ her Gazette article. Besides this she has published a number of short stories, novels and radio plays for Radio-Canada Premiere Chaine as well as many policy documents for the Government of Quebec on human rights and LGBT issues.

‘Sterility: How Far Must One Go to Have a Child?’ – Sterilite jusqu ‘ou fault-il aller pour avoir un enfant is her article which was awarded the 1986 Robertine Barry Prize for the best feminist article.