Hubert Fichte

Author: Hubert Fichte

Profile: Hubert Fichte was a German novelist, writer and ethnologist. He was born in Perleberg Hospital on 21st March 1935 and died in Province of Brandenburg on 8th March 1986. After his birth, his family moved to Hamburg-Lokstedt. He was looked after his grandmother, while his mother worked as a stenographer. His parents were unmarried. His father, a Jewish merchant emigrated to Sweden and Hubert never met his father. Fichte always had a feeling he was a half-orphan. He got educated as a farmer and actor and worked in Montjustin in the late fifties for many months as a shepherd. He lived in Hamburg from 1961. He published his first novels in the mid sixties, worked rigorously more and more on ethnological research in the seventies. During the late sixties he started writing, Die Geschichte der Empfindlichkeit, his main work.


Writing style: Hubert Fichte’s experiences during the Second World War, as part of evacuations of children to Silesia and Bavaria besides the discrimination he experienced as ‘Halbjude’ as per the laws of the Nuremberg race during the Third Riech can be discovered all through his work.

Hubert Fichte’s work oscillates between scientific description of his objects of study and self or subjective poetic observation and between Postcolonial studies and Queer Studies.


Published Texts:

Selected Works

1963 – The departure for Turku (novellas)

1965 – In the low barn (novella)

1965 – The orphanage (novel)

1968 – The palette (novel)

1971 – Detlevs imitations (novel)

1974 – Attempt about the puberty (novel)

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1976 – Xango. The Afroamerican religions II

1978 – Wolli, traveller to India

1980 – Parsley. The afroamerican religions IV

1980 – Psyche. Remarks on the psychiatry in Senegal

1982 – Two cars for the holy Pedro Claver

1985 – Lazarus and the washing machine. Small introduction to the afroamerican culture

1987 – The History of the sensibility / The story of the pettishness

1992 – Oedipus on Haknass drama

2006 – St. Pauli story, Berlin (Transit)

2001 – Heretical comments for a new science on mankind

Films about Hubert Fichte

2005 – Hubert Fichte: The Black Angel – documentary. 60 minutes running time

2005 – Palette revisited – documentary. 67 minutes running time


Awards and Acknowledgements:

1963 – Julius Campe Stipend

1965 – Hermann Hesse Prize

1967 – Stipend of the Villa Massimo (Rome)

1985 – Alexander Zinn Prize

Minor planet 3475 Fichte is named after him