Theory of Knowledge

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What Is Theory Of Knowledge?

One area that has captured imagination in the area of epistemology is scepticism of the philosophical kind. Besides the question on what exactly knowledge is, the other question is whether people know anything at all. The tradition followed in philosophical study indicates that people do not know anything. In support of this there have been a number of arguments resisted by many. In Theory of Knowledge, one problem that is most persistent is whether or not there is anything such as knowledge and not from where it comes or what exactly knowledge is.

The IBDP or the IB Diploma Program prepares the student for attaining success in life and higher education in society all over the globe. It is a balanced education program and academically challenging. Students between the ageIBDP Curriculum 16 and 18 get prepared to attain success at the university level and later on in life by clearing the final exams of the IBDP. The program addresses the student’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social well being. Leading universities across the world have recognized this program. The three topics covered are the EE – Extended Essay, CAS – Creativity, Action, Service and TOK – Theory of Knowledge under the program. These three important things set the IB diploma apart from other programs of similar type. The IB diploma considers the skills that could be yours by doing the course. The IB course is demanding and superior indeed.

Taking Up The IB Course To Understand TOK

To understand what TOK is, you will have to take up the course, conduct research on the issue in concern, form opinions of your own and put an effort to defend those opinions and issues. Most of all, you will also need to take the help of fellow students as well as the coordinator or class teacher.

Theory of Knowledge is nothing but about opinion formation, debating, discussing about issues and putting an effort in the way the ideas and thoughts are structured. It is not about being opinionated and cynical but being well informed, objective and interested. If your mind hungers for knowledge available around then you are sure to gain more. The only thing is you need to have the desire to seek and learn more.

What Is The Theory Of Knowledge

The study of the theory of knowledge or TOK is termed as epistemology. In philosophy, it is one area that is most important. TOK is a subject offered at a number of IB schools all over the world.

A number of questions are addressed by TOK. In epistemology, one problem that is encountered is about defining what knowledge is. The tripartite theory of knowledge is generally used by a number of philosophers, in which knowledge is analysed as a working model and a true belief that is justified. However this theory is refuted. Justifications are available that knowledge does not constitute true beliefs. Many proposals have been put forward on knowledge’s rival analyses but yet there is no consensus available on what actually knowledge is about. There is still no solution available on the epistemology’s fundamental question.

When the term knowledge is being used, generally most people understand what is being talked about. The next issue addressed in epistemology is the kind of ultimate source knowledge has. Our knowledge is held by two traditions, namely, rationalism and empiricism. In rationalism, knowledge is held on the basis of reason, primarily while in empiricism, knowledge is held on the basis of experience, primarily. The worldview in the scientific modern world borrows from empiricism, heavily.

How The TOK Course Helps

• The world is changing on a regular basis. A different method of learning will be required if new ideas have to be understood, and people have to keep up with the changes that keep happening regularly.

• Questions on key knowledge that are presented in real life situations are well explained in the TOK.

• If you are on the lookout for revitalizing the approach to deliver The Theory of Knowledge or are new to the subject, then the TOK course will prove to be most useful for you.

• If you are doing this subject for the very first time, then describing this theory can be a difficult task for you. This course may not be like the other kinds of subjects studied in school or diploma courses. You may wonder if the study is on the basis of humanities, sciences, is it philosophy or whether it is a skills based study.

• In IB schools, this course is mandatory. You don’t have to get annoyed as there is no coursework or exam at the end of the course. There is only an assessment and the grade awarded in not out of seven.

• It draws on ideas on many of the thinkers who have been famous all over the world. It contains specific parts that help in effective study of other subjects.

• If you want to think more deeply and clearly then all that you need to do is look at its fundamental aim. You will have to study knowledge areas and the methods of knowing or perceiving those knowledge areas. The next process is working out the connections between yourself as a knower and those knowledge areas.

Importance of the DP program – Point Awarding

In the second year of the course the student is assessed in two ways. The Extended Essay has to be written which is then marked by an external examiner. Six titles are provided for the essay from which you have to choose one. To complete it you are given time at home and class both. The teacher also will give you marks for the oral presentation. Accordingly you will be given marks out of 10 for the assignment and the oral presentation. These marks along with the extended essay will provide you with the overall grade. 3 extra points are provided by the overall grade to the overall grad and overall marks out of 45. To clear the Diploma, it is important to pass the TOK. It does not matter even if you have excelled in the other subjects as you also need to do well in the TOK as well. If you fail you will not be awarded the IB diploma. So it is important to ensure that the TOK grades are sufficient enough as well.

IBDP Curriculum | Imparting next-level education

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