Ice Haven by Daniel Clowes

Title: Ice Haven

Author: Daniel Clowes

Context: Ice Haven is a graphic novel by Daniel Clowes. The novel takes the form of twenty nine stylistically diverse and short comic strips about various residents living in Ice Haven, a small Mid-western town. Interrelated lives about the characters are discussed in each of the self-contained comic strips in the book, Ice Haven. Life of the women and men living in Ice Haven are woven into a multilayered story.

Synopsis: The kidnapping of a boy named David Goldberg is the uniting plot line of the graphic novel Ice Haven. It is a single story about the boy David who is kidnapped and his disappearance affects a number of townspeople including the kidnapper. The author has been most unsparing and most empathetic while creating the novel. Ice Haven is presented as a series of individual and funny pages-style strips.  In a painfully, funny, frightening and phantasmagorical relatable way, the little kids are able to comprehend the vanishing of their classmate. A mystery unfolds surrounding the vanishing of the young boy, while at once an otherworldly and mundane community evokes in the author’s kaleidoscopic structure.

The author while drawing the feel of sacarsm, establishes himself as a titan of the form in a range of styles and tones linked by his never-duplicated and often-imitated design and figure work. Behind his sardonic surface, there is a bleeding heart always and in Ice Haven that heart bleeds harder than ever.

A mismatch of reality and dreams is revealed in the experiences of each of the characters, resulting in fits of mordant humour and bittersweet lingering mood.

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