IGCSE revision

How to do revision for the IGCSE exam on your own? If you are looking for ways to complete your revision well, then it isn’t tough at all. It does not matter which subject you are trying to tackle, be it the First Language, English Literature, Mathematics Additional, Mathematics International, Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Geography, revising subjects in the IGCSE curriculum is easy.

Don’t Ever Give Up

The saying ‘Try and try till you succeed’ is so true. Giving up can be one of the greatest weakness anyone can have. If you keep trying then surely you will be able to complete your revision well and in due time.

Memorization And Hard Work

A good amount of hard work and memorizing is essential to score in your subjects in the IGCSE board exam. Science subjects like biology are heavy in content, which examiners are aware of and are quite lenient while awarding marks. By working a bit harder and memorizing better, you will be able to score in the subject. Identify a place that is distraction free, quite and nice, for studying. This will ensure a memorable and interesting studying experience. Once you finish memorizing then reading it again becomes quite mundane, so try and use other mediums like blogging etc.

Take Notes

It is important to know what is needed according to the syllabus, so take down notes and write them precisely. It may appear monotonous, but cultivate this habit, nothing more and nothing less. You will find interest and love for that particular subject only increasing. Memorizing the same topic or subject over and over again will no longer be boring.

Break Chapters Into Sections

Breaking down big chapters into smaller sections to study can help a lot. You will have smaller sections to cover with greater ease. Understand all concepts well, which will then make the subject easier to study.

Keep The Marking Scheme Beside You

To have the marking scheme beside you while revising can be quite effective. Conquering the marking scheme is one thing you should understand really well. If question papers of past few years are checked, you will see that most of the questions have a particular pattern to them and are quite repetitive. Whichever syllabus it may be, you need to understand most of the things to get that 100 percent or A grade. Revise answers to differing kinds of questions in the papers as well as specific wordings used in definitions etc. No matter how many papers you can lay your hands on, keep doing and doing.

Take Comfort In Common Logic

 Certain subjects like Geography are heavy in content. It is on case studies that a bulk of the content relies on. It must be noted that the remaining part is logic or common knowledge. It is always a good idea to take some comfort in this. For the main paper, the suggestion is to study main topics in depth which will keep you safe for sure.