In Search of Lost Time

“In Search of Lost Time” is a novel written by French author Marcel Proust. The novel, originally published in seven volumes between 1913 and 1927, is considered one of the greatest literary works of the 20th century.

The novel tells the story of the narrator’s life, from his childhood in the town of Combray to his experiences as a young man in Paris. It is known for its detailed, vivid descriptions of people, places, and events, and for its exploration of themes such as memory, time, and the nature of art.

The novel is divided into seven volumes: “Swann’s Way,” “In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower,” “The Guermantes Way,” “Sodom and Gomorrah,” “The Prisoner,” “The Fugitive,” and “Time Regained.” Each volume contains multiple chapters and is narrated by the novel’s protagonist, who is never named.

“In Search of Lost Time” is known for its length and complexity, and for its use of intricate sentence structures and rich, poetic language. The novel has been translated into many languages and has been adapted into various forms of media, including film, television, and graphic novels.

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