Interaction between the natural environment and human activities with reference to climate

There are major changes happening in the climate sector all over the world. You will be able to see and experience the temperatures rising, visible changes in the rainfall patterns and also the glaciers where the snow is melting and the overall global mean sea level rising. These changes are bound to happen and you will see more of extreme weather events resulting in natural hazards like the floods, droughts etc and this are going to be frequent and powerful. Green house gas is one of the reasons for most of the warming and the impact and susceptibility on the nature and health and economy differ from regions, territories and economic sectors.

Makes Living Difficult

There has been a rise of 0.80 degrees centigrade. in the past 150 years and is expected to increase further which makes living in this planet difficult for sure. An increase of more than 20 degrees Celsius makes living in the earth difficult for global human and natural systems. There is going to be dangerous changes for the human and natural systems when the temperature is going to rise above 20 degrees Celsius. Global GHG (Green House gas) emission is said to be one of the main problems for the climatic change occurring in the world. Even if the policies and efforts to reduce emission is carried out in an effective manner some kind of climatic change is bound to happen.

The strategies and actions should be done in a manner which is prescribed by the experts. Studies say that the GHG emissions should be reduced by 80% to 95% by the year 2050 to have some impact on the earth. The main reason of man-made GHGs is burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas to produce electricity, transport, industries and households. It happens also in the agriculture and deforestation sector and filling the land with waste. A major problem is also the use of industrial fluorinated gases. Many human induced activities create climatic changes through natural processes. The important GHG in the atmosphere is water vapour and these activities by the human beings increase the atmospheric concentration of these gases and create climatic warming.

Infectious Diseases

The projected increases in the strength and regularity of heat waves and floods and changes in distribution of some infectious diseases and pollen harmfully affect the human health. Climate change which is occurring all over the world put additional pressure on the ecosystems and are leading to shifts of many plants and species. It has negative impact on agriculture, energy, forestry, energy, tourism, production and the general infrastructure. There are many regions which is susceptible to climatic changes.

It happens due to heat waves and droughts, increasing melting of snow and ice, due to sea level rises and the increase in rainfall, floods and storms. It happens due to increasing temperature and melting ice. These impacts on the climate can be reduced by continually improving the energy efficiency of wide range of electrical equipment and household appliances and electronics. This can be also be done through the increased use of renewable energy sources like wind, solar, hydro and biomass and also use of transports fuels like the bio-fuels.

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