Jane Eyre: Bronte Charlotte


Jane Eyre – Bronte Charlotte


Bronte, Charlotte


Bronte Charlotte was an English poet and novelist. She was born on 21st April 1816 in Thornton, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom and died on 31st March 1855 in Haworth, United Kingdom.


Jane Eyre, an orphan is brought up by her cruel aunt and cousins after which, she is sent to Lowood a girl’s boarding school for orphaned and poor students. The girl’s experience is undermined by her aunt, but Jane performs well at school and after graduation, becomes a teacher. Miss Temple, her former teacher and confidante gets married after which Jane works at Thornfield Hall as governess. Adele a young French girl is her student, whose connection withJane Eyre - Bronte Charlotte the household isn’t too clear. At the very first meeting Edward Rochester, master of the house develops liking for Jane and when he accidently falls off his horse on an icy road, it is she who helps him. At the same time the rumors are that he is soon to get married to the hard hearted, talented and lovely Blanche Ingram. In the meanwhile the house becomes more and more eerie, with disembodied voices being heard by Jane. Under mysterious circumstances, Rochester’s bed catches fire one night also. Then too, it is Jane who arrives at the spot in the nick of time and saves him. Later Mr. Rochester proposes marriage to her.

During his modest wedding ceremony with Jane, Mr. Briggs, the attorney of John Eyre, declares that on the third floor, Rochester has an insane wife locked. While running away from this horrible discovery, Jane ends up coincidently in front of her cousins. She lives with the Rivers family, inherits money from the uncle and shares it with her cousins. A cousin proposes her to marry him and become missionary with him in India but Jane is not very willing to do so. Later she hears Rochester’s disembodied calling her one night, which she takes as an indication to return to Thornfield. On arriving Jane finds that Rochester has lost his sight and one hand and the Thronfield has been burnt to the ground. After setting the building alight, his wife had jumped off the building and died. Jane marries Rochester and together they have a child.

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