Jatindra Nath Das (October 27, 1904 – September 13, 1929) also known as Jatin Das and Jatin was born in Kolkata, He was an Indian revolutionary independence activist and member of the HSRA – Hindustan Socialist Republican Association. At a young age he joined a revolutionary group called Anushilan Samiti and in 1921 participated in Gandhi’s Non-Cooperation movement also. Revolutionaries from other parts of India contacted him and he participated in making bombs for Bhagat Singh and comrades. He learnt the bomb making art from Sachindra Nath Sanyal.

After completing his graduation at Vidyasagar College, Calcutta, he was arrested for political activities and put into the Mymensingh Central Jail. Prisoners had to live in deplorable conditions, their uniforms were not washed for days together, cockroaches and rats roamed the kitchen area making food unsafe for consumption. No paper to write, nor newspapers to read were provided to prisoners whereas in the same jail the living conditions for British prisoners was strikingly different. Political prisoners were meted out poor treatment there and in protest he went on a hunger strike. After a hunger strike for 63 days, he died in the jail at Lahore, Pakistan. Jatin Das was described by Subhas Chandra Bose as the ‘young Dadichee of India’ which referred to Dadichee a well known yogi in mythology, who for the sake of killing a demon sacrificed his own life.