Title: Jordan Wellington Lint: The ACME Novelty Library 20

Author: Chris Ware

Context: Chris Ware one of the most beloved and gifted cartoonists has presented this graphic novel about the entire life of Jordan Wellington Lint, who ages one year for almost each of the 72 pages of the book, in which he investigates subjective consciousness development. In earlier chapters of Rusty Brown, though Lint has been a secondary character, he takes centre stage, right from his blastocyte origins till the time of his death, in Jordan Wellington Lint: The ACME Novelty Library 20. Just as cells form an organism after conglomerating, in the same way, early insights of Clint, congregate to result in associations that echo all throughout.

Synopsis: A self narrative has been constructed by Lint thus allowing him to be his own story’s hero till invasions of reality undermine him periodically. Climax in the book is simply extraordinary with subjective experiences of another confront Lint himself. The converse need of connecting with others requires a struggle for self-definition, as is clarified in the final moments in the book.

While presenting an infant’s view of the world, to a comic-within-the-comic memoir, with breathtaking passion, Chris Ware’s writing chronicles the cycle of abuse most meticulously while his art is most experimental and ambitious. A sense of loss and failure is depicted in the final pages of the book which hits as hard as a physical blow to the reader’s head.

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