Josee Yvon

Josee Yvon

Author: Josee Yvon

Profile: Josée Yvon was a Quebec poet, screenwriter and playwright. Her work associated mainly to the marginalized groups in society. Josee was born in Montreal in a famous neighborhood on Ontario Street. She resided and died in Montreal. She received a bachelor’s degree in theatre studies in 1971 from the Universite du Quebec a Montreal. Though she enrolled for the master’s degree on Bertolt Brecht a Schauspielhaus of Dusseldorf (Germany) however was unable to complete the degree. Her professional career began as the director of Theatre sans fil and the Grand Circus Ordinaire. Besides this she also worked as translator and waitress and also as the screenwriter for Radio-Quebec occasionally. She taught literature at Cegep Edouard-Montpetit, Bois-de-Boulogne College and at Rosemont College. Josee read texts at the meetings she participated regulary like in 1976 at the Solstice of Poetry, in 1978 at the Night of St. John and in 1980 at the Night of Poetry.

As a literary critic she collaborated popularly at La Barre du jour, Hobo-Quebec, Mainmise, Beautitude (California) Cul-Q, Sisters (Los Angeles, Witches (Paris), Stars Screwers (France) and many others. In 1976, after the publishing of Filles-commandos bandees, her debut book, she became one of the major authors in the Quebec poetry movement of the 1980s. which developed around Red Herbs and was marked by the beat generation. After she met her companion, Danis Vanier during this time, she continued being her partner for the following 18 years.

Writing style: American revolutionary and lesbian literature of has greatly influenced Josee’s work. A major role has been played by the description of marginality in it: including prostitutes, drug addicts, homosexuals, transvestites or transsexuals, all of which are perennial characters in her work.

Published Texts:



La Nuit de la poesie 27 mars 1970, 1971

Vanier presente son Show de monsters, conscenario with Denis Vanier 1974




1976 – Filles-commandos bandees

1977 – La Chienne de L’hotel Tropicana

1980 – Travesties-kamikaze

1981 – Korephilie, with Denis Vanier

1976 – Danseuse-mamelouk-recit

1983 – Gogo-boy

1984 – Lame/defiguree, with Denis Vanier

1986 – Maitresses-Cherokees-recit

1986 – Filles-missiles

1987 – Travaux pratiques – oeuvres critiques completes, with Danier Vanier

1990 – Les Laides otages – recit

1993 – La Cobaye – recit

1994 – Lettres


Awards and Acknowledgements:

1969 – Youth authors prize of la Nouvelle Compagnie theatrale du Centre d’essais des auteurs dramatiques, for L’Invention

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