Joseph Hansen

Author: Joseph Hansen

Profile: Joseph Hansen was an American crime writer and poet. He was born in Aberdeen, South Dakota and died in Laguna Beach, California. He spent his growing years in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Altadena, California. His partner is Jane Bancroft. He is well known for a series of novels featuring private eye and openly gay insurance investigator Dave Brandsletter. Around 40 books have been published in a range of genres, by him.

Hansen started off as a novelist at the start of his career. He wrote under the pseudonym James Coulton of James Colton and produced novels like Known Homosexual and Strange Marriage. Under the Rose Brock pseudonym he wrote two gothic novels. He is well known for teaching workshops, writing poems and hosting, Homosexuality Today, a radio-show during the 1960s. He described himself as a ‘homosexual’ as he didn’t like the term, ‘gay’.

Writing style: Joseph Hansen’s genre is writing crime novels.

Published Texts:

Dave Brandstetter mysteries


1970 – Fadeout

1973 – Death Claims

1975 – Troublemaker

1978 – The Man Everybody Was Afraid Of

1979 – Skinflick

1982 – Gravedigger

1984 – Nightwok

1984 – Brandstetter & Others: Five Fictions

1986 – The Little Dog Laughed

1987 – Early Graves

1988 – Obedience

1990 – The Boy Who Was Buried This Morning

1991 – A Country of Old Men

2007 – The Complete Brandstetter: Twelve Novels


1977 – One Foot in the Boat (poetry)

1982 – Backtrack

1984 – Pretty Boy Dead

1985 – A Smile in his Lifetime

1985 – Steps Going Down

1988 – Bohannon’s Book: Five Mysteries

1993 – Bohannon’s Country

1994 – Living Upstairs

1995 – Jack of Hearts

2001 – Blood, Snow & Classic Cars: Mystery Stories


As Rose Brock

1974 – Longleaf

1975 – Tarn House


As James Colton

1965 – Strange Matters

1968 – The Corrupter and other stories

1971 – The Outward Side

1995 – Todd

As James Coulton

1969 – Gard


Awards and Acknowledgements:

1992 – Won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America

1992 – Won the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men’s Mystery from the Lambda Literary Foundation for A Country of Old Men: The Last Dave Brandstetter Mystery

1993 – Won the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Fiction for Living Upstairs

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