Khudiram Bose freedom fighter: Khudiram Bose (December 3, 1889 – August 11, 1908) born in Habibpur village in Midnapore district, West Bengal, was a freedom fighter. In the Indian independence movement, he was one of the youngest , Khudiram Bose freedom fighter, Academic Destressor | IDBP | IGCSE - Cambridge and Baccalaureate Examsrevolutionaries. His sister brought him up after the unfortunate death of his parents. He loved living life of a revolutionary and felt ashamed and hurt about dependence of India and British government rule on India. In 1907 he joined a secret extremist group and helped them many in their activities. The Bhagvad Gita notion of Karma influenced him greatly. He joined the revolutionist activists party, ‘Jugantar’ in 1905, feeling dissatisfied with policy of the British to partition Bengal.

Khudiram Bose freedom fighter

The most remarkable and significant day was April 30, 1908 in the Indian freedom movement history. At around 8 pm a car was returning from the European Club and Khudiram thought that it carried Kingsford. He hurled a bomb at it, which killed two European ladies in the carriage. Khudirams motive was to kill Kingsford but he wasn’t in the carriage. Though Khudiram ran away he was arrested later, proved guilty after judicial trial, convicted and was given death sentence by hanging. On August 11, 1908 Khudiram sang the glorious song of death at the time of hanging.