Kim II Sung

Kim II Sung

Kim II Sung

Kim II Sung

1. Introduction

Kim II Sung was a delusional and sick North Korean Leader. He served as President and premier of North Korea. He spearheaded the Orwellian regime and ran the nation for decades.


2. Timeline

Kim II Sung was born on 15th April 1912 in Mangyondae, near Pyongyang, Korea. He died of myocardial infarction on 8th July 1994 at 82 years of age.

3. Country

North Korea

4. Rise to Power

When Japan tried to occupy North Korea in the 1920s he went on to become a guerrilla fighter. During World War II he fought with the Soviet army. From 1940 he remained in the Soviet Union till World War II ended. Within the Soviet army he helmed a unit during this period. He became North Korea’s premier on returning back home and set the Korean War in motion. After being elected in 1972 as President he held on to the post till he died on 8th July 1994.

5. Dictatorship

Kim II Sung used deception, aggression and force, to lead the nation. People lost respect for him. Instead he put the blame of the country’s suffering on the United States saying it spread epidemics all through the countryside. Kim killed around 1.6 million people to make this blame more convincing.

6. End of Regime

In 1945 Kim returned to Korea after 2 decades. While Southern half of Korea became allied with the US, the north was controlled by the Soviets. Kim became the People’s Committee chairman in North Korea. He became premier of the Democratic People’s Republic in 1948. To unify the country Kim led a Korean War invasion into the southern region. The invasion involved American and additional UN military forces resulting in casualties of nearly 1 million. In July 1953, the war ended with a signed armistice. In late 1972 after being elected President, he took on domestic polices focusing on industrialization and militarization. As South Korea prospered during the 1970s, fortunes of North Korea declined. Before he could make the most of summit between by Jimmy Carter, US President and him, Kim died on 8th July 1994 from heart condition in Pyongyang. Jong II, his son took over the country’s leadership after his death.

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7. Short term impact

At the end of the Korean war North Korea was demolished due to the bombings. Kim II Sung tried to make the people believe that they had won. The Chinese troops were led out of North Korea at the end of the war in 1953.  All information and media was censored in North Korea under Kim’s control.

8. Long term impact

Kim II Sung borrowed money from China and Soviet Union and built the nation again. People got the impression that he was a great leader and in 1972 elected him as President. He built industry and military after this besides starting the nuclear program in North Korea.

9. Trivia

Kim II Jung was a film buff with a collection of more than 20000 video tapes.

He was 5ft 2 inches in height and to sport a bouffant hairstyle, wore lifts in his shoes.

He was known by more than 50 names including Generalissimo, Dear Leader, The General, Our Father and Supreme Leader.

He had a phobia of flying.

Despite millions left behind due to starvation, he took luxurious private train journeys.

He owned 17 opulent mansions.