Labyrinths Borges, Jorge Luis

Labyrinths Borges, Jorge Luis

Labyrinths Borges, Jorge Luis


Borges, Jorge Luis


Borges, Jorge Luis was an Argentine poet, short story writer, translator, poet and essayist. He was born on 24th August 1899 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and died on 14th June 1986 in Geneva, Switzerland.


A teenager Sarah Williams with love for fantasy stories and large imagination, enacts, the Labyrinth, her favorite storybook. While wandering in a nearby park, she realizes she’s an hour later after the building clock strikes 7 pm. Her stepmother scolds her for reaching late to look after Toby, her baby stepbrother. She is angered by her stepmother who gives her favorite teddy bear to Toby to play. She wants to get out of this awful place and away from her father who keeps ignoring her. Sarah narrates the Goblin King story to Toby to stop him from crying but he wouldn’t. Believing that this story couldn’t be real she calls for the Goblins to take away Toby. However they give her options to spend 13 hours in the Goblin Kings kingdom, Labyrinth, an every changing maze, or take her dreams. The task is to reach the castle in the centre of the castle within specified time, after which Toby would be spared from becoming a goblin.

The labyrinth is impressive, however she meets many strange characters and the challenges are horrific. The king offers himself to her in marriage, but her main aim was saving Toby. She finds herself back home after completing her dialog. Defeated, the Goblin King flies out of the window, is banished to live in the form of an owl. She runs upstairs only to find that Toby was sleeping soundly.  She puts away things that were part of her fantasies during childhood and while she does so, her friends from the Labyrinth offer help if needed, but she refuses it.