Title : Lavinia

Author : Ursula K. Le Guin

Context : Lavinia is a historical fiction novel by Ursula K. Le. Guin set in ancient Italy. This is a book about war and passion, unemotionally beautiful and generous from the writer who works at the height of her powers. The author gives Lavinia a voice in the novel thus taking the reader to the half wild world of ancient Italy. This was the time when Rome was near seven hills as a muddy village.

Synopsis : Lavinia is the daughter of a king. The hero of Vergil fights In The Aeneid, to claim Lavinia, the daughter of the king with whom he is preordained to found an empire. Lavinia never utters a word herself.  Lavinia knows nothing except freedom and peace in her growing up years till the suitors arrive. Her mother likes the ambitious and handsome suitor named Turnus and wishes Lavinia marries him.

However the sacred springs speak about prophecies and omens stating that she should wed a foreigner, that she will be the cause of a bitter war and that the man she marries will not live for long. Trojan ships sail in a fleet up the River Tiber. At this time, Lavinia makes a decision to take destiny into her own hands. And so Lavinia narrates what Vergil has not. She tells her life story and about the love of her life, in this novel.

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