Author: Lawrence O’Toole

Profile: Lawrence O’Toole is a Boston-based writer. He works at Full Contact, as an Associate Creative Director, and leads the Cumberland Farms account among others. He did accountancy work before starting as a copywriter. He has also worked at a media buying agency, a roofer and before that played lacrosse at Butler University prior to this. Lawrence O’Toole loves playing the guitar, surfing and enjoys being a dad.


One of the few major topics covered by Toole in this unusual memoir is his childhood in Newfoundland which is not just autobiographical but also includes well identified elements of fiction, travel and history. Toole spent his growing up years in a small fishing village in Newfoundland, however he wanted to explore the world and hence desperately wanted to leave the island. Accordingly he went to Toronto first and later on to New York.


Writing style: During the early 1990s, he wrote the memoir Heart’s Longing which is different from other memoirs. He jumps back and forth between the present and the past, between non-fiction and fiction and between New York and Newfoundland in the memoir. Besides writing about anecdotes and reflections about his lived experiences, in the memoir the author Lawrence O’Toole also writes about a fictional town in Newfoundland called Heart’s Longing which is similar to his own hometown of Renews.


Published Texts:

1994 – Heart’s Longing: Newfoundland, New York and the Distance Home

Fading Ads of Philadelphia


Awards and Acknowledgements:

The O’Toole Awards are offered to recognize public high school teachers whose advanced approaches are student-centered to learning all through New England