Like Water For Chocolate

Esquivel, Laura


Esquivel, Laura is a Mexican screenwriter, novelist and politician served the Morena Party in the Chamber of Deputies. She is born on 30th September 1950 (age 67) in Mexico City, Mexico.


Like Water For Chocolate, Like Water For Chocolate, Academic Destressor | IDBP | IGCSE - Cambridge and Baccalaureate ExamsForbidden love during the Mexican Revolution is discussed in this Mexican love story. Tita the beautiful youngest daughter of her family is forbidden to marry Pedro, her true love. Despite his love for Tita, Pedro marries Rosaura her elder sister instead as tradition demands that Tita should care for her mother. A lot of tension surfaces in the family and through her cooking in fantastical ways, her powerful emotions begin surfacing. Tita and Pedro’s enduring love is tested in unusual circumstances as years pass by. This family life tale is not only utterly charming but magical yet earthy. The bittersweet and poignant romance made ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ a best seller in America, Mexico and the world over. The book is sectioned into 12 parts and given names of the months of the year from January to December with every section beginning with a recipe from Mexico. Each dish connects the chapters to the events in the life of the protagonist.