Lokenath Bal (March 8, 1908 – September 4, 1964), an Indian independence activist was born in Chittagong District, Bangladesh. He was a member of the Surya Sen led armed resistance movement which carried out the Chittagong armoury raid in the year 1930. One of the most valiant and astounding endeavors of the freedom struggle in India was the armoury raid in Chittagong. Youth of the region had devised the raid. He joined the Indian National Congress, later.

He led another gunfight on April 22, 1930 with the combined forces that comprised the British Police and the British Army and captured the AFI – Auxiliary Force of India armoury. Within the British Indian Army, the AFI was a part-time and paid volunteer organization. He reached Chandernagore a French territory after his escape but other 11 revolutionaries and his younger brother died in the gunfight. On September 1, 1930, the British police arrested him and Ganesh Ghosh. On March 1, 1932 he was sentenced to transportation for life at Port Blair’s Cellular Jail. He joined the radical Democratic Party, founded by Manabendra Nath Roy and then later on he joined the Indian National Congress. Till his death, on September 4, 1964, he worked in Calcutta as a deputy commissioner.