Madame Bovary


Flaubert, Gustave


Flaubert, Gustave was a high influential French novelist. He was born on 12th December 1821 at Rouen, France and died on 8th May 1880 at Croisset.


Madam Bovary is a story about a young and bored wife, who has extramarital affairs but is not successful in finding the right emotional experiences she always craved for. Her husband Charles Bovary, a low grade boorish doctor, with no ambition, and pretty dull average career goes through an unhappy married life with a harpy-like widow Emma , Madame Bovary – Flaubert, Gustave, Rouault who is convent educated, exciting and gorgeous farm bred girl whose head is full of ideals and romantic fantasies. She wanted to get off her father’s farm at the soonest and hence marries Charles.

Soon she feels depressed, sick, unhappy and bored of the middleclass existence Charles gives her. She feels, life is over after her first child is born. Ultimately she embarks on a disastrous love affair with a landowner in the locality, in the effort to grasp some intimacy and also plans to run away with him. However the plan fails as he doesn’t love her. She falls for another man after which she leads a chaotic life. Ignoring material reality she instead embraces happiness and passion. Not being able to distinguish between life’s harsh realities and her romantic ideals, she enters prostitution, in desperation for money. By now her private life is publicly disclosed and she is on the ruin financially after which she consumes arsenic and kills herself painfully.

, Madame Bovary – Flaubert, Gustave,