Madhumita Bhattacharya

Author: Madhumita Bhattacharya

Profile: Madhumita Bhattacharyya is an Indian writer. She has writing for The Telegraph for a decade, in Calcutta. She has also provided services in the non-profit sector as well. She is also a journalist sometimes, an occasional wanderer and very often a lazy lout. She is working on Reema Ray mystery #3. Madhumita Bhattacharyya is presently working as an editor and freelance writer. She spent a few years moving places and finally resides with her husband, her baby and crazy dog, in Bangalore.

She loves driving through the lush green countryside areas, breathing the fresh air deeply and spending some unending gorgeous hours on the beaches of Goa. Walking endlessly on the beaches of Goa, enjoying the sunset, with lesser people in sight is something she loves doing with family, friends, daughter and her manic dog.

Regarding her thriller genres, she prefers puzzles, begins with bits and pieces and builds a narrative around it accordingly. In her writings, first come the characters and then stray episodes. The author creates invigorating, infuriating and intricate novels that explore various aspects of life, mainly money, morality and love.

Writing style: Madhumita Bhattacharyya’s genre is writing crime thrillers. She write crime novels and draws a lots of inspiration from events in real-life. Accordingly she reads everything she can lay hands on a particular topic she chooses to write. She states that the genre she follows, allows exploration of various aspects of life, be it money, morality or love.

Published Texts:

Dead in a Mumbai Minute

The Masala Murder

Goa Undercover

Awards and Acknowledgements:

Awards for Projects

2019 – Standing Ovation – Tech Mahindra

2017 – Standing Ovation – Tech Mahindra

2016 – Pat On The Back – Tech Mahindra

2015 – Associate of the Quarter (From Client)

2013 – BPI Synergy Award – Quarterly

2013 – Star of the Month Award from Business Unit

2010 – Star Performer – Quarterly Award

1997 – National Mathematics Olympiad Merit certificate holder (10th Standard)

1996 – Winner of National Poem Recitation Competition senior level

1996 – Indian National Mathematical Olympiad Merit certificate holder (9th standard)

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