Maintaining the quality of the Environment

Maintaining and conserving the environment clean is not a difficult proposition. It may be difficult but definitely not impossible and there a lot of ways to make it possible. First of all remember not to pollute the environment. Pollution can happen in many forms like the air, water and land. Individually if you decide not to throw trash anywhere things will start falling in place. The garbage has to be thrown into the bins properly and dispose the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste in the right place. Littering of the places can create pollution and once the litter is thrown in one place by one person the other will follow.

Negative Affect


Pollution of any kind creates negative affect on one’s health and destroys the environment. But before starting to clean the environment you have to start the exercise from home. Reduce the contaminants at home and get rid of all the toxic materials. These are the main materials which will destroy the environment. When the changes happen right from the home all else will follow. Remember that home is also part of the environment and by regular cleaning and doing proper disposal of wastes you can be part of the elite crowd who maintain, conserve and improve the quality of the environment.

By doing the right thing you can be an example to others and you can also inspire others also to follow your path. Catch hold of the youth because they are the future of the nation and once the youth is involved there will be lots of people to follow them. See that there are a lot of trees and plants in your surrounding because the plants and trees have this natural way of cleaning the environment. If the trees are not around, plant them because it reduces the indoor air pollutants by more than 50%. Look out for plants which can absorb toxic gases like benzene and formaldehyde.

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Old Medication

English ivy and peace lilies are good plants which can absorb these toxic gases. Flushing the old medication is the wrong thing to do because these expired medicines can create big problems. Ideal thing is to check whether the pharmacy does it in the right way so that you can give it to them for disposal. Usage of water should be reduced when you bathe. Showers usually consume more water than baths. Soaking in the tub is the best way to save water when bathing. You can cut short the use of water at least by 50% when bath tub is used.

The average household uses a lot of electricity to dry the clothes because the studies say that there will be 400 loads of laundry in a year. You can save a lot of electricity by hanging the clothes for drying. Using the dryer for drying the clothes can be avoided and during winter indoor dry racks can be used for drying the clothes. Using reusable products helps a lot to reduce waste. If you are creative enough you can do it in an innovative way and save the environment.