Manmath Nath Gupta (February 7, 1908 – October 26, 2000) born in Banaras or Varanasi in the state of United Province in British India, was an Indian revolutionary. Besides this, he was an author and writer of fictional, historical and autobiographical books in Hindi, Bengali and English. Some of the famous books he wrote include Aadhi Raat Ke Atithi, Ek Dastavez and Krantikari Andolan. At the age of 13, he joined the Indian Independence movement and became an active member of the HRA – Hindustan Republican Association. In 1925 he participated in the Kakori Train Robbery and was put into prison for 14 years. He began writing against the British from 1937, once he was released from jail.

Manmath Nath Gupta:  Again in 1939 he was sentenced and released in 1946, just before India got independence in 1947. With his revolutionary view point, he wrote many books on the history of the Indian struggle for independence. One of his popular books is ‘They Lived Dangerously – Reminiscences of a Revolutionary’. He was also the editor of ‘Aajkal’ a Hindi literary magazine. He worked as volunteer worker for the Indian National Congress and spread the message of the Congress, going from one village to another. He died at the age of 92, in New Delhi on October 26, 2000 in the night of Diwali, the Indian festival. Right up to his death, he was very active.