Marcel Proust

Author: Marcel Proust

Profile: Marcel Proust was a French novelist, critic and essayist. He was born in Auteuil, France and died in Paris, France. In Search of Lost Time is his most notable work. In Search of Lost Time, his monumental novel rendered as Remembrance of Things Past, was published between 1913 and 1927 in seven parts. Writers and critics consider him as one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century. Proust was born at the beginning of the Third Republic, shortly after the close of the Franco-Prussian war. He was born during the violence that surrounded the Paris Commune suppression and his childhood corresponded with the consolidation of the French Third Republic.

In Search of Lost Time is related to the huge changes especially the rise of the middle classes and the decline of aristocracy that took place during the Third Republic in France.

Proust grew up in the Catholic faith of his father. After his baptism he was confirmed as Catholic but never practiced the faith formally. Later he became a sort of mystic and an atheist. He developed serious asthma at the age of nine, became a sickly child and lived in the Illiers village holidaying for long. Illiers in combination with the recollections of his uncle house in Auteuill became the model of the fictional town, Combray.

From 188901990 he served in the French army in Orleans at Coligny Barracks.

Proust was close to his mother. He was however not able to take up a job, as desired by his father. Between 1900 and 1905 Proust’s life changed with the death of his beloved mother and his father while his brother got married and left home. He inherited a lot from his mother however his health went on deteriorating. Proust died in 1922.

Writing style: Marcel Proust’s genre is modernist.

Published Texts:


In Search of Lost Time (seven volumes)

  • 1913 – Swann’s Way
  • 1919 – In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower
  • 1920-1921 – The Guermantes
  • 1921-1922 – Sodom and Gomorrah
  • 1923 – The Prisoner
  • 1925 – The Fugitive
  • 1927 – Time Regained

1952 – Jean Santeuil (unfinished novel in 3 volumes published posthumously)

Short story collections

Early Stories

Pleasure and Days


1919 – The Lemoine Affair

1954 – Against Sainte-Beuve

Translations of John Ruskin

1896 – Translation of The Bible of Amiens

1906 – Translation of Sesame and Lilies

Awards and Acknowledgements:

At eleven years of age Marcel Proust joined Lycee Condorcet as student in 1882, but his sickness disrupted his studies. However he performed exceptionally well in literature and in the final year received an award.

The Marcel Proust Prize is a former literary award of France which was awarded until 1994.

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