Matthew G Lewis

Author: Matthew G. Lewis

Profile: Matthew Gregory Lewis was an English author, dramatist and novelist besides which he has been Member of Parliament also. He has also worked as an estate owner in Jamaica and a diplomat. He has studied at Westminster School after which he attended Christ Church, Oxford and received his bachelor’s degree in 1769 and his Master’s degree in 1772. The Monk is his most notable works.

Writing style: Matthew G. Lewis’s genre is writing novels which very often classified as ‘Gothic horror’.

Published Texts:


The Effusions of Sensibility (unfinished)

Ambrosio, or The Monk: A Romance (3 volumes) (1796, revised 1798)

The Bravo of Venice (1805)


Poems (1812)


Feudal Tyrants; or, The Counts of Carlsheim and Sargans

Short Story

My Uncle’s Garret Window

Oberon’s Henchman or The Legend of the Three Sisters


1799 – Tales of Terror

1801 – Tales of Wonder

1808 – Romantic Tales



1796 – Village Virtues: A Dramatic Satire

1800 – The East Indian: A Comedy in Five Acts

1797 – The Minister: A Tragedy, in Five Acts

1801 – Alfonso, King of Castile: A Tragedy in Five Acts

1806 – Adelgitha; or, The Fruit of a Single Error, A Tragedy in Five Acts

1811 – One O’Clock, Or, The Knight and Wood Daemon, A Grand Musical Romance

The Captive

Rugantino, The Terrible Banditti-King, a melo-drama in three acts



1801 – More Wonderrs: an heroic epistle to M.G. Lewis (A satire on his works) with a Praescript Extraordinary and An Ode on the Union

1833 – Journal of a West India Proprietor Kept during a Residence in the Island of Jamaica (1833)

1839 – The Life and Correspondence of M.G. Lewis


Awards and Acknowledgements:

Matthew G. Lewis was frequently referred to as ‘Monk’ Lewis, the reason being of the success of his Gothic novel The Monk (1796) which has made him win a place in early every English literature history.

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