Meat Cake Bible by Dame Darcy

Title: Meat Cake Bible

Author: Dame Darcy

Context: Dame Darcy, one of the finest Genx/feminist icon, musician, doll-maker, fortune teller, actress and most importantly a cartoonist to the core since, the last two decades who has been bewitching readers with her neo-Victorian romance/humor/horror comic Meat Cake.

Synopsis: Meat Cake is a luxurious and inimitable scrawl featuring the mermaid, Effluvia, the mischievous Siamese twins, Perfidia and Hindrance, the roguish roué Wax Wolf, the Selfish Shellfish named Scampi, the Pig-Latin pig called Igpay, a woman called Stregapez who speaks as if releasing Pez-like tablets as from her throat, the Girl the stalwart Friend and Richard Dirt, the blonde bombshell with all portrayed in her graphic novel, Meat Cake.

The novel is like a peek into one of the most deranged and creative dollhouse ever seen. Every story is collected from all the seventeen issues (1993-2008), a definitive collection of the series including ‘Hungry Is the Heart’ as well as new stories from the eighteenth issue which was yet to be published.

Dame Darcy sought inspiration from a fortuitous teenage viewing as well as her feminist mother and devised this occult-nautical-mermaid-Victoriana aesthetic.

The sweeping line she uses in visual form is a sea shanty and the gallery of characters she uses including Strega Pez speaks to fears and desires in a wide range. All in all, Meat Cake is an impressive and fully formed graphic novel offering an enthralling experience to the readers.

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