Memory for Forgetfulness

Darwish, Mahmoud


Darwish Mahmoud was a Palestinian author and poet. He was born on 13th March 1941, at Al-Birwa, Mandatory Palestine and died on 9th August 2008 at Houston, Texas, United States.


Effects of ‘Hiroshima Day’ during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the Lebanese Civil War are discussed in this novel. Symbolism of death and birth are used by the author. Invasion of Lebanon by the Israeli’s and fear of existence during the civil war in Lebanon are discussed by Darwish Mahmoud. He uses similar symbols while presenting his perception of loss of their homeland by the Palestinians. On Hiroshima Day, 6th August, Beirut was in terrible siege, with loud sounds, ghastly sights, war savaged streets and fighter jets that scream in the sky overhead. Historical and political dimensions, heroism of the people under siege, and reflection of the invasion are collectively put forward in ‘Memory for Forgetfulness’. Thought the war’s ruthless insanity continued it became a heroic act for anyone, simply walking on the street or continuing with daily routines of making coffee in the morning.