Molokai by Alan Brennert

Title : Moloka’i

Author : Alan Brennert

Context : Moloka’i is a historical fiction and richly imagined novel by Alan Brennert set in Hawai’i during the 1900s. Moloka’i is a true-to-life story about the people who have willingly and enthusiastically embraced life even if they are facing death. Vividly realized characters have been used by the author in the novel. Compassion, human and warmth portrayed in the novel are such that there would be hardly any reader who will remain unaffected by the story of Rachel Kalama.

Synopsis : The story is about a seven year old young spirited girl named Rachel Kalama from Hawaii grown up in the 1890s in the idyllic Honolulu. She belongs to a huge and loving family in Hawaii.

Just like her merchant seaman father who often visits far-off lands, she she too dreams of travelling in the same way. However, to her bad luck, her dreams get shattered after she sees a rose colored mark on her skin, one day when she was just seven years old.

Rachel has to leave her family and home and go to a quarantined settlement for leprosy patients at Kalaupapa on the Moloka’i island. She feels that she will no longer live, but finds instead that this is just the beginning only. Moloka’i, is a novel set more than a century ago in Hawai’i. It is an extraordinary story of a lesser known place and time. It is an emotionally affected evidence of the human spirit resilience.

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