My Greatest Ambition by Morris Lurie

My Greatest Ambition” is a short story by Morris Lurie, an Australian author. The story is a humorous account of a young boy’s obsession with catching a large fish and his attempts to achieve this goal.

The story begins with the young narrator expressing his desire to catch a big fish, something that he has never done before. He sees it as his “greatest ambition,” and becomes so fixated on the idea that he starts to neglect his schoolwork and other responsibilities. He spends all his time fishing, but is constantly disappointed when he fails to catch anything significant.

One day, the narrator’s luck seems to change when he feels a strong tug on his fishing line. He becomes convinced that he has finally caught the big fish of his dreams, and spends hours trying to reel it in. However, when he finally manages to pull the fish out of the water, he discovers that it is not the impressive catch he had been hoping for, but rather a small and unremarkable creature.

The story ends with the narrator reflecting on his experience, and realizing that his obsession with catching a big fish had been misplaced. He comes to the conclusion that it is not the size of the fish that matters, but the joy of the pursuit itself.

Overall, “My Greatest Ambition” is a lighthearted and humorous story that explores themes of ambition, perseverance, and the importance of perspective. The narrator’s obsession with catching a big fish serves as a metaphor for the way in which we can become fixated on external goals, at the expense of our own happiness and wellbeing. The story encourages us to take pleasure in the process of pursuing our goals, rather than simply focusing on the end result.

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