My Name Is Red – Orhan Pamuk – 1998 – 60 – Turkish

Title: My Name Is Red

Author: Orhan Pamuk

Original language: Turkish

Translation(s): 60 languages

Context: My Name Is Red (2001) is a translated novel by one of the finest contemporary Turkish writer, Orhan Pamuk. The novel is about miniaturists in the Ottoman Empire of 1591.

Synopsis: My Name Is Red is an enchanting and deceiving love story, a deviously fiendish mystery and extraordinary seminar on the power of art. The story starts with two Europeans, both accomplished miniaturists strolling through a meadow. Both the inner truth and individualism of the depicted object is rendered by their work originating from their artist minds.

The transporting story is set in Istanbul during the sixteenth century amid the religious dominion and grandeur. A cadre of some of the most well known artists in the land was commissioned to create an outstanding book to celebrate the magnificence of his monarchy. The artist had to use the European style to illuminate their art work. However in Islam figurative art is considered an affront and hence the proposition made by the Sultan seemed very dangerous. Hence the rich rulers should not be aware about the complete nature or scope of this artwork project. A panic situation develops on the disappearance of one of the miniaturists. It is the half completed illuminations only that can provide the only clue to the crime or the mystery. My Name Is Red is a part philosophical and part fantasy novel presenting a variegated journey to the convergence of power, sex, love, religion and art.

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