Title: My New York Diary

Author: Julie Doucet

Context: My New York Diary is a classic and one of the first contemporary graphic novels of the author and iconic artist Julie Doucet. She packs her bags abruptly and shifts to New York. The actual trouble starts when she is followed by her jealous boyfriend who is very insecure about her talent, has tendencies to take drugs and booze to self-medicate himself besides which her epilepsy which is only worsening with time.

Synopsis: The novel, My New York Diary, details the events of her life in 1991 over a period of six months. After she packed her bags and moved to New York, her new boyfriend also an aspiring cartoonist waited in anticipation for her. He had taken her into his upper Westside apartment. They had a short-lived new beginning as he his jealously started becoming more evident and over-bearing. Slowly the confines of the surroundings started becoming uneasy and suffocating.

Julie Doucet’, My New York Diary is an autobiographical chronicle about her move to the pre-Disneyfication Big Apple and pre-gentrification. With an art style which is more rock ‘n’ roll, she captures the fury, the sex, the filth, the squalor, the drugs and lots more. Her ability to present expressionistic artwork with its raw power combines a healthy dose of self-effacement and at the same time a detailed sense of place. Her artwork casts a long shadow, which other more timid autobio-cartoonists hardly dare to cast.

In a very bittersweet and novel way, the author deals with the ironies and hassles of being a female. She presents the most painful and intimate moments of her life in the classic graphic book, My New York Diary. Her novel brings a deadpan humor and a depth of humanity to personal calamities, one after another in succession.

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