Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

Title : Name of the Rose

Author : Umberto Eco

Context : Name of the Rose (1983) is a historical fiction novel by Umberto Eco set in Italy during the 1300s. The historical murder mystery in 1327 is set in an Italian monastery. The Franciscans, suspected of blasphemy in a rich Italian monastery, undergo an investigation by Brother Williams. The novel is a historical and intellectual murder mystery that merges semiotics in medieval studies, biblical analysis, fiction and literary theory.

Synopsis : The Franciscans also called the Benedictines in a rich Italian monastery are suspected of blasphemy in the year 1327.  The investigation is to be done by Brother William of Baskerville. His mission is indeed a sensitive one but events take a turn when the situation is overshadowed suddenly by the strange deaths of seven people. Brother William now turns detective.

As detective, Brother William uses different tools including Roger Bacon’s empirical insights, the theology of Aquinas, the logic of Aristotle and more all of which are honed to a shinny edge by rapacious curiosity and ironic humor. He gathers a lot of evidence including coded manuscripts and decrypts secret symbols. He probes into the abbey’s frightful labyrinth just and is surprised to find that some of the most gripping things occur during night time.

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