Author: Nancy Garden

Profile: Nancy Garden was an American writer. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and died I Carlisle, Massachusetts. Annie on My Mind, a lesbian novel is her most notable works. Sandy Scott has been her partner. Nancy Garden was an only child and told long stories to myself and many times acted out the stories. Nancy took refuge in wirting and in books. In 1961 she received the B.F.A. degree and in 1962 the M.A. degree from Colombia University School of Dramatic Arts. Nancy worked in theatre and amplified the work by doing odd office jobs while she was in school and even after college. She worked as a freelancer doing editorial work for different publishers. Her career in writing began, as an assistant editor in Scholastic Magazine in New York, NY and became an associate editor by 1970. Between the years 1971-1976, she became editor at Houghton Mifflin CO in Boston, MA.  Nancy has written fantasy, mystery and non fiction for young adults and children and has also visited libraries and schools to give talks and teach children about writing.

Writing style: Nancy Garden’s genre is children’s and young-adults novels and supernatural fiction and has been part of the LGBT literature, literary movement.

Published Texts:


1971 – Berlin: City Split in Two

1973 – Fun with Weather Forecasting

1988 – The Kids’ Code and Cipher Book

Weird and Horrible series

1973 – Vampires

1973 – Werewolves

1975 – Witches

1976 – Devils and Demons


1971 – What Happened in Marston

1972 – The Loners

1975 – Mist Maiden

1982 – Annie on My Mind

1983 – Maria’s Mountain

1984 – Prisoner of Vampires

1986 – Peace, O River

1991 – Lark in the Morning

1992 – My Sister, the Vampire

1995 – Dove and Sword: A Novel of Joan of Arc

1995 – My Brother, the Werewolf

1996 – Good Moon Rising

1999 – The Year They Burned the Books

2000 – Holly’s Secret

2001 – Prisoners of Vampires

2002 – Nora and Liz

2002 – Meeting Melanie

2004 – Molly’s Family

2006 – Endgame

2007 – Hear Us Out!

Fours Crossing series

·        1981 – Fours Crossing

·        1983 – Watersmeet

·        1987 – The Door Between

Monster Hunters

·        1987 – Mystery of the Night Raiders

·        1988 – Mystery of the Midnight Menace

·        1989 – Mystery of the Secret Marks

·        1994 – Mystery of the Kidnapped Kidnapper

·        1995 – Mystery of the Watchful Witches

Candlestone Inn

2004 – The Case of the Stolen Scarab

2010 – The Case of the Vanishing Valuables


Awards and Acknowledgements:

2003 – Margaret Edwards Award from the American Library Association (the award was in recognition for her lifetime contributing in writing for teens, citing Annie alone

2014 – Lee Lynch Classic Award by the Golden Crown Literary Society (citing her work as one of the most important classics in lesbian literature)